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Why Mobile Gaming Is The New Future?

Many people seem to think that mobile gaming is a waste of time since it has horrible story lines, bad graphics and absolutely bad touch controls. In fact, they refer it as “not real gaming”. Now what they say is true however, new technologies and creative minds have set a target to make mobile gaming the new future for the gaming world.

Here are a few reasons as to why the mobile gaming is the new future



1)     More Potential Mobile Gamers than the ones using Console

Everyone owns a smartphone, right? And that might be the reason why there are more mobile gamers than the people using consoles. Making a mobile game is also cheap as it is easy to make in comparison to console gaming. Also, not everyone can own a gaming console.

The greater the people playing your game, the greater the revenue will be via players spending and running in-app ads. But do keep in mind that this is a high-risk high-return investment.


2)     Microtransactions Enable Recurring Income

Since 90% of the applications on app store are free, so it is normal for a person to expect free mobile games as well and that is the reason why mobile gaming sucks. Now the game developers have to stick to the freemium model where they push players to buy in-game items such as outfits for coins and stuff through microtransactions which in turn help the developers earn a recurring income for much needed stability



3)     Smartphones Are Getting More Powerful

As we know, modern smartphones are getting powerful with the upcoming technologies. With every release there is an update in the processor and it gets faster. Can you believe that the processor of iPhone 13 is equivalent rather more powerful than that of PS4? Pretty sick right?

As the technology advances, the developers will be able to create games with better graphics, more control configurations and many more options. And it is only a matter of time when cheaper phones will also be able to run games smoothly and this will allow for a wider user base which will result in higher returns.


4)     5G Advancements to Mobile Gaming

Although, 5G is not currently the global standard for mobile networks and its adoption is not going as fast as the tech giants hoped it would, 5G has a lot to offer. From faster download speeds to lower latency to shorter loading times to cloud gaming, Mobile game competition with console game will improve with 5G. 5G is 20 times faster than 4G and its speed can cut down latency to just five milliseconds. This means that you would not have to face any lag in the game and it will run smoothly.



5)     AR & VR Integration in Mobile Games

Along the side of multiplayer experience, 5G will also help incorporate the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality on mobile games. Currently, there are VR applications available on Playstore but their representation is not up to the mark because the power required for it to work properly is not in the 4G.

For a mobile game to become more profitable, it totally depends on the number of downloads it has. And if we make 5G more accessible and affordable for everyone, the hype of mobile games will surely increase resulting in higher profits.




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