Facilities Management (FM) System

With a robust facilities management platform, multi-site facility managers can perform a range of functions related to ongoing maintenance and repair, including asset management, commercial contractor sourcing and compliance, work order fulfillment, preventive maintenance scheduling, invoicing, and data analytics. The right tools allow FM teams to adequately track usage of space, analyze spending patterns over time, increase energy efficiency, and cut costs – all while enhancing communications with service providers and internal stakeholders.

Facilities Management (FM) System-Ingenious Concept

We Are Providing A Wide Range of Services

Repair & Maintenance Management

The process of maintaining the assets and resources of a company, which has as main objective to control and reduce costs, times, and resources.

Parts & Supply Management

Supply chain management has five key elements — planning, sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, delivery, and returns.

Settlement/Payment Processing

Payment settlement involves collecting the funds for the amount recorded for an order.

Asset Management

The process of developing, operating, maintaining, and selling assets. Correctly identifying and in a cost-effective manner.

Proposal Management

Proposal management is the process of overseeing and facilitating the completion of a proposal. It includes planning the timeline, hitting send on the final proposal submission

Call Center Access

Ensuring that customers short of time can still access a great service experience. A chatbot can answer easy questions and guide customers through self service options

Contractor Sourcing and Management

Procurement contract management is the process of managing contracts related to Procurement and purchases made as a part of legal documentation

Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive maintenance (PM) is the regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in order to keep them running.

Open and Scalable Architecture

Open architecture is a technology infrastructure with specifications that are public as opposed to proprietary.

Features of Facility Management System (FMS)

Simplified Work Order Management

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Staff Support

Ongoing solution upgrades and maintenance, contractor and site-specific location onboarding, and scalability as your organization grows with one-on-one assistance from expert Service Channel professionals.

Software As A Service Platform (SaaS)

Our cloud-based facilities management system eliminates costly software installs and upgrades, as well as the responsibility of managing additional hardware, lowering total cost of ownership considerably.

Spend Analysis

All spend data and analytics for facilities management are provided in real time in easy-to-read dashboard images. Analyze historical data, spot trends and outliers, set targets and industry benchmarks, and anticipate future spending.

Third Party Integration

The facility management software seamlessly to various business platforms including third-party accounting and payment systems, reducing data entry errors and streamlining payment and audit processes.

Easily Sources & Contractors

Maintain and update contractor contact and payment information, as well as track insurance and certifications, using simple, automated processes. Additionally, use our contractor directory to locate skilled service providers 

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   Pakistan Head Office

59 A, College Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab

   USA Office

829 East Drachman Street, Tucson Arizona 85719, USA

   Australia Office

17 Macquarie Links Drive, Macquarie Links, NSW 2565

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