Oracle 12c Vs. 18c: A Comprehensive Comparison for Game Developers and Aspiring Game Creators

When it comes to developing games, the choice of database technology can significantly impact your project’s performance, scalability, and reliability. With its powerful features, Oracle Database has been a preferred choice for many. 

Let’s dive into a comparison between two popular versions, Oracle 12c and 18c, to help you make an informed decision.

1. Version Overview

Oracle 12c launched in 2013, introducing the concept of multitenant architecture, allowing multiple databases to be managed as one.

Oracle 18c, released in 2018, is the first autonomous database offering automated database management, reducing manual tuning and maintenance.

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2. Performance Enhancements

Oracle 12c brought in database in-memory technology, improving analytics and mixed workload performance.

Oracle 18c advances this with improved machine learning algorithms and automated performance tuning, which can be particularly beneficial for games that require real-time data processing.

oracle 12c vs 18c

3. Scalability

Oracle 12c’s multitenant architecture makes it easier to scale your database according to your game’s growth.

Oracle 18c enhances scalability with its Autonomous Database Cloud Service, making it even easier for developers to adjust resources as needed automatically.

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4. Development Features

Oracle 12c introduced JSON support, making it easier for game developers to work with modern web and mobile applications.

Oracle 18c builds on this with enhanced JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) functionalities and other development features, like RESTful services, which are crucial for integrating various services in game development.

oracle 12c vs 18c

5. Security

Both versions offer robust security features, but Oracle 18c steps up with autonomous security measures, including automatic encryption and patching, reducing the risk of data breaches. 

6. Cost

Considering the cost is vital. Oracle 12c might be more affordable for smaller projects or startups. However, Oracle 18c, with its autonomous features, could reduce long-term costs through the automation of maintenance tasks.

oracle 12c vs 18c

7. Learning Curve

Oracle 12c has considerable resources and community support to help new developers. Oracle 18c, being newer and with more automated features, might have a steeper learning curve but offers an advanced, self-managing platform once mastered.

Choosing the Right Version for Your Game Development Project

Consider your project’s specific needs, budget, and future growth potential. 

Oracle 12c could be suitable for those starting out or managing smaller, less complex games. On the other hand, Oracle 18c, with its autonomous features, is ideal for larger projects aiming for scalability and reduced database management overhead. 

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